9 Ways to build a successful affiliate marketing

9 Ways to build a successful affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of earning income by referring customers to other companies' products. An affiliate marketer is often rewarded with a commission or pay-per-sale for each sale they generate.

The rewards can be great, but it’s not as easy as just signing up for someone else’s program and getting paid. So, how do you build a successful affiliate marketing business? There are several things you should keep in mind: 

1.     Choose your niche wisely

If you are going to be an affiliate, it is important that you choose your niche wisely. You need a niche that is something that you are passionate about and knowledgeable about so that you can help others in the best way possible. Also, if there is money to be made from this particular niche, then it’s even better! But choosing something where your passion comes first will help out immensely when it comes time to promote products.

2.     Shop around for the best commission rates

The best way to start your affiliate marketing is to shop around for the best commission rates. Look at a variety of affiliate programs and find those that offer you a high conversion rate, average order value and commission rate. This will help you determine which affiliate programs are worth your time and effort, as well as how much money you can make from them.

Join a program like Bloomclicks.com to explore many partners on its platform. Bloomclicks platforms allow you to search through thousands of brands to find appropriate products that relate to your blog, social channels, your interests, and those with the best payout rates.

3.     Find innovative ways to reach new audiences

  • Use social media: social media is a great way to expand your audience and find new customers. You can also use it to get feedback from your customers, which will help you improve the quality of your product or service.
  • Use email marketing: email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach potential customers with information about your products or services. It’s also an effective way to share content with those who have already shown interest in what you’re doing by subscribing to your newsletter (e-mail list).
  • Use paid advertising: paid advertising could be a good way for you to market whatever it is that you’re selling online as long as it meets certain criteria like being relevant for users from different demographics based on location and/or device type used when accessing the internet services like Facebook or Twitter through mobile phones versus laptops/desktop computers using Wi-Fi connections at home rather than 4G LTE network coverage anywhere within range zone boundaries provided by some cellular companies around town where people live work play etcetera.  

4.      Create quality content that provides value 

One of the most effective ways to attract and retain customers is by creating high-quality content that helps people solve problems. When you create a blog post, tutorial or video that solves a problem, you’re also building trust with your audience. This will allow them to feel comfortable with purchasing from you when the time comes for them to make a purchase.

5.    Write engaging titles for your articles and videos

For example, if you’re writing about how to lose weight, use titles like “The best way to lose 10 pounds in one week.” Then in the body of your text explain why this method works so well or what makes it unique compared with other methods out there (in this case we would say something like “this diet plan includes plenty of protein which makes it easier than other plans because it speeds up metabolism”).  

6.     Use clear calls to action

A clear call to action is a very important part of any affiliate marketing campaign. It’s the last step in your sales process and it should be designed in such a way that people can easily understand what you want them to do next.

When developing your CTA, it’s important that you: 

  • Use a call-to-action that is easy for your readers to understand. You don’t want them scratching their heads over what the next step should be once they have finished reading everything in front of them – after all, if they don’t know where they need to go next then there’s no way for them to take action!
  • Make sure the CTA matches up with the content on offer. If someone clicks through because they want more information on something specific (like how long it takes before they start earning money), then make sure that’s exactly what they get when they land at another site or web page via an affiliate link (check out this article if you’re not sure how).

Otherwise, even though landing pages are important too – this area needs special care since many visitors will only see one before deciding whether or not to continue exploring further into your offers e-commerce store(s) while others only click once and then leave forever without making any purchases; therefore we’d recommend using Call To Action buttons instead—which means placing links directly above each post/page title bar so users can easily find everything else within minutes rather than hours spent searching around blindly trying different options which aren’t always fun especially when looking quickly during lunch hour break etc…  

7.     Create your own products

You can also create your own products to sell on your site. This is a great way to make passive income, as the only thing you need to do is create the product and then let it sell itself.

If you’re not into creating your own content or products, then another option is to promote other people’s stuff! If you have an audience that trusts you and buys from you, there’s no reason why they won’t buy from someone else if it’s something that appeals to them. 

8.     Build connections with a community

  • Start a blog.
  • Create a forum.
  • Start a podcast.
  • Create a Facebook group.
  • Start a Twitter chat hashtag, or use one that already exists if you’re willing to share it with others (for example, #seo).
  • Create an Instagram account for your brand, but don’t forget about YouTube and other social media sites as well! You can also create an email newsletter for customers who want more information from you outside of just buying the product itself – this will build credibility in their minds that you are the real deal when they realize how much time and effort is going into making sure they have all the facts before making any kind of decision regarding purchasing anything from your website/storefronts which often includes great tips too like “How To Double Your Traffic In 30 Days With This One Simple Strategy!” 

These types of tips help build trust with potential customers because it shows them there is more than profit being made here – people actually care about helping another person succeed at whatever goal(s) they set out on such as starting up companies/websites etc…   

9.     Find a mentor

 Finding a mentor is a great way to learn from someone who has been there before and can help you develop your skills and grow your business. They can also help you overcome obstacles and set you on the right path, giving you advice on what to do when things get tough.

“Choosing your niche wisely, finding innovative ways to reach new audiences, creating quality content that provides value, using clear calls to action, creating your own products, building connections with a community, finding a mentor”

Choosing your niche wisely, finding innovative ways to reach new audiences, creating quality content that provides value and using clear calls to action are all important in helping you build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Creating your own products can help you build trust with your audience and keep the money flowing in for years to come. Building connections within a community will allow you to develop relationships with influencers who are interested in working together on projects that benefit both of you. Finding a mentor can be extremely beneficial as they have already been down this road before and have experience sharing their knowledge with others who may be just starting out themselves. 


Building a successful affiliate marketing business can seem like a daunting task. The truth is that there are many different ways to do it, and all of them are equally valid. The most important thing is to stay focused on what works for you personally and not compare yourself too much with others. To get you started with your own affiliate marketing journey, we’ve outlined some tips for getting started here!

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