Unlock Your Earning Potential from Day One with Cutting-Edge Analytics and Exclusive Offers!

Unlock Your Earning Potential from Day One with Cutting-Edge Analytics and Exclusive Offers!
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While every affiliate marketer, influencer, and creator aspires to maximize earnings, many struggle to achieve this goal. The missing link? Access to integrated marketing technology, dedicated support, and top-tier brands that ensure consistent payouts. Bloomclicks provides the solution.

Dive into tried-and-tested campaigns across your preferred verticals. Accelerate your success with guidance from our seasoned experts. Collaborate with globally trusted companies and earn among the most competitive payouts—plus, you may even qualify for a $2,000 sign-up bonus!

Earn a Bonus of Up to $2,000 within Your First Three Months

New affiliates, influencers, and creators who join Bloomclicks platform exclusive group of partnership program often qualify for a $2,000 cash performance bonus. All you need to do is earn at least $1,000 per week within the first three months of partnership. With our expert guidance, you’ll find that this is easy to do so. Terms and Conditions Apply

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For Elite Publishers: Optimize Audience Monetization Effortlessly with Bloomclicks

Your time, expertise, and influence matter. That's why we're dedicated to empowering you for success. We elevate your monetization strategy by providing access to meticulously curated offers, cutting-edge analytics, and unparalleled resources. Whether you're an affiliate, influencer, or creator, you gain:

  • Exclusive offers tailored to top-dollar verticals of your choice
  • Performance insights enable you to cherry-pick the most profitable campaigns
  • Volume-based incentives designed to boost your earnings
  • Unmatched tools, insights, and expert guidance to revolutionize your online enterprise

Affiliate Bonus Program Terms

To be eligible to participate in the Bloomclicks Partners Bonus Program, The partner must be a brand-new partner that is joining Bloomclicks Digital Advertising or has recently joined as of January 5, 2024.

The following are not eligible to participate in the Affiliate Bonus Program: a) a new account of an existing Bloomclicks partner; b) a DBA of existing Bloomclicks publishers; c) Bloomclicks publishers or active accounts approved before January 5, 2024; and d) affiliate networks of any kind. No exceptions.

To qualify for the $2,000 bonus (“Bonus”), an eligible affiliate will need to earn minimum revenues of at least $1,000 per week during the first 3 complete months after their partnership account becomes active (activation date is based on account approval date stored in Bloomclicks’s tracking system). Limit of one (1) Bonus per partner.

  1. Promotion of the bonus starts on January 10, 2024, and ends when these Partners Bonus Program Terms are taken off of Bloomclicks’s site (subject to Bloomclicks’s sole discretion).
  2. Partners must adhere to Bloomclicks’s Affiliate Terms and Conditions found within their affiliate account or alternately signed terms. Any violation of the terms signed by both parties will automatically disqualify the affiliate from participating in the partners bonus Program and from being eligible to receive the bonus.
  3. Partner earnings will be calculated on the 10th of the following month and will not be considered for the bonus until that time. Weekly earnings are subject to returns in the case of suspected or proven fraud. In the event that revenue is removed due to fraud, the partner will be automatically disqualified from participating in the partner bonus program and from being eligible to receive the bonus.
  4. Bloomclicks reserves the right and exclusive discretion to make all decisions about a partner’s eligibility for the bonus.
  5. Partner must complete social media follows and send an email request and confirmation of its completion to their Bloomclicks account manager no later than 30 days after becoming eligible.
  6. Affiliate will be eligible for the bonus on a Net-30 basis. Payment will be made no less than 30 days after a “Bonus Request Form” has been completed and all other requirements have been met.

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