The Importance of Traffic Diversification in Marketing

The Importance of Traffic Diversification in Marketing
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One of the most important things an affiliate marketer needs to do is to seek out various sources of traffic for their website. It is hard to rely on one major source of traffic alone. If 80%, or even 50%, of your traffic comes from a single source e.g. search engine like Google, a link partner, pay-per-click campaign. You may want to consider looking for other sources of traffic.
If your site gets a lot of organic traffic from Google, for example, due to great placement in various keywords, it is easy to be complacent.

Losing traffic is an online marketer’s worst nightmare. With traffic gone, you will find your revenues dwindle. Sales come far and few in between. Affiliate income loses steam. You will find yourself scrambling where to get visitors to your website. As they disappear, so does your income.

What can you do to make sure that you don’t lose all your traffic?

1.Focus on the Users: This means providing quality content that is unique and substantive. To the extent that you can, be unique, and that includes writing the product descriptions (and not just copying the generic descriptions provided by the manufacturers). Review if your navigation makes sense for the users. Ensure that your pages load fast.

2.Have a marketing plan: It need not be a double-spaced thesis-like document. Just grab a notebook, and start writing various avenues you can and should tap to reach your audience and the exact steps you need to take to do it. Add some timelines for better planning.

3.Go white-hat all the way: It is important you must keep on the straight and narrow path of search engine guidelines. And if you are hiring someone to help you optimize your site for search engines, or get more traffic, be sure to know what exactly they are doing – and whether what they are doing is actually ok or will push your site to oblivion. You are responsible for your website so you need to be on top of what the guys you hired are actually doing.

4.Know all your options: Many Affiliate marketers have blinders on their eyes with regards to marketing that they think that only PPC advertising is the way to go or optimizing their websites for search engines. They either do not know what marketing options are out there for them, or they are not willing to look for ways to spread the word about learning other sources of traffic.

Some also do not spend money on marketing, thinking that all they need to do is to build a great site and people will come. Still, others simply do not like to be bothered with all the work marketing entails.
You start by using social networking websites to build a strong media reputation. Statistics show that there are a lot of people who will use social networking websites to find information about certain businesses.

Then, you invest in PPC advertisements, build an email list, and create a blog. None of these traffic sources is going to bring in the amount of traffic that you used to get by having a high page rank; however, that is not really the goal. Diversifying your traffic sources is about building a safety net. If your Facebook or Linkedin page acquires enough likes or followers, it is actually possible for it to outrank your website altogether. You could even diversify traffic sources by creating a YouTube video, optimizing the description of the video, and linking it to your website.

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